Core Team

  • Kishor Pradhan

    kishor-pradhanWith more than 20 years of international development experience Kishor’s expertise are in program and project development and project cycle management with emphasis on knowledge management and learning, communications, media (mainstream and new media), capacity building and organizational development. He has developed various knowledge management and communication strategies and systems, and projects and products for various development organizations.

    He has directly worked at the national level in Nepal and at regional levels in Asia-Pacific, South East Asia and South Asia for several INGOs both full-time and as consultant on several development sectors, including public health (HIV/AIDS), gender, democratization, human rights, poverty alleviation, community development, sustainable development, governance, environment (water, climate change, environmental justice), conflict, disaster and others.

  • Karun Thapa

    karun-thapaKarun Thapa is a computer software professional with over 25 years of engagement in information and communication technologies for development (ICT4D). Karun has provided his expertise to various profit and non-profit organizations. He has developed various information technology based content management systems, management information systems, knowledge management systems, databases in course of his extensive professional life. He is currently the CEO of Matra Network, a company that provides services in animation, online media and cloud computing.

    He has extensive knowledge of software development, knowledge management, server management and administration, information technology, information management, digital content management, online media and has been a ICT consultant for national and international clients.

    He has also trained thousands of people in software, programming, audio-visual, online media and digital content management.

  • Dibya Devi Gurung

    dibya-gurungDibya Gurung is a gender and natural resource management expert. In her more than 20 years of professional life she has worked and provided consultancy services for various national and international development organizations on gender mainstreaming, gender analysis and gender leadership.


  • Associates

    A roster of associates affiliated with DeKMIS is under construction.