Knowledge Management for development can be variedly discoursed and described, or for that matter relates to varying contexts and domains. Subsequently innovation is also variously interconnected to effective knowledge management in the context that our decades of development practices and exercises have resulted both successes and failures. However, insight into the contemporary practices of development management and innovation indicates that the primary building blocks or elements are: research (information/knowledge), communication (sharing) and management (capacity).

In this context of imperative of efficient and effective knowledge management and innovation in development perspectives, processes, practices and pursuits, thinking outside-the-box and throwing the-box-away, adopting the three elements for development knowledge management and innovation as discussed above, DeKMIS endeavors to provide quality services generally as follows.

Research, such as institutional assessment; policy research and analysis; thematic research; baseline survey; situation analysis; feasibility study; assessment study; project review; pilot project implementation; development experimental research; project monitoring, evaluation and impact study; knowledge mapping; resource mapping and others.

Communication, such as developing internal and external communication strategies and implementations; public information and disseminations strategies and implementations; program communication; behavioral change communication/social communication; production of communication, media, knowledge products (print reports, policy papers, print editing, audio visual, TV, radio and online) and dissemination; production of information, education and communication (IEC) materials and applications; advocacies and campaigns; media relations and services; advertising and social marketing; knowledge management strategies and implementations; management information systems; database design and development; software applications development, LAN/Intranet; internet architecture for knowledge management and others.

Management, such as knowledge management strategies; program/project design; project/work planning; proposal writing; program/project implementation and management; strategic planning; capacity building (trainings/workshops); training modules and manuals; development and knowledge management event organization (conferences, seminars, consultations, exhibitions, trainings); communications for development (C4D); management information system (MIS) development and implementation; knowledge management for development (KM4D), information and communication technology for development (ICT4D) capacity building and others.

Specifically on knowledge management and innovation services, DeKMIS endeavors to:

  • Provide consultancy services to development organizations and in development practices to institutionalize knowledge management and change management.
  • Provide capacity building services on development knowledge management and innovation through activities such as orientations, seminars, conferences and trainings.
  • Provide services on conducting knowledge audits or assessments; organizational knowledge mappings; developing knowledge management visioning; developing knowledge management strategies, plans and systems; and development of organizational and sectorial knowledge bases.
  • Provide services to have a technology capacity (software, IT architecture and system) of development organizations and programs and projects for knowledge management.
  • Provide other knowledge management related services such as researches, surveys, assessments, planning, products and communications.